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The Acre Turkish Bazaar is one of the most delightful treasures of the old city of Akko.
The bazaar was built at the end of the 18th century as a municipal market to serve the local population.
After being deserted for more than 60 years, the bazaar was recently comprehensively renovated and opened to the public.
The Turkish bazaar is 100 meters in length, fully roofed and hosts 52 boutique shops with an average area of 20 square meters each.
Recently, with the acquisition of the bazaar by a shopping complexes specialized group, a vast interior design and decoration efforts are being held to create the unique atmosphere of the new, yet, ancient bazaar.
The renewed Turkish bazaar is aiming at renting and occupying its assets by small specialize shops, folklore events, art galleries, handicraft authentic souvenirs and local, oriental , quality coffee shops..
The bazaar will hold seasonal folklore, cultural and festivals events throughout the year.
All is left to do is to come and visit the old Turkish Bazaar, enjoy the magic of one of the most pleasant and peaceful sites of old acre, listen to the music, smell the scents of the past and remain with Sweet delightful Memories..
Au revoir

The old bazaar

During the construction

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